Postcards From Silvia in New Zealand

Sorry for staring…but you’re looking great today!

Hi, I’m Silvia. It’s so lovely to meet you. If you love travel and microadventures, I’m sure we’ll become mates in no time!

I hail from Sydney, Australia where the summers are endless, the beaches are pristine and the cost of living…seemingly outrageous. Not to mention the amount of deadly creatures that reside down under (I couldn’t find a picture of a shark so here’s me as an orca whale).

Between making lame jokes and standing at beaches with sand between my toes, I write. In fact, I enjoy writing so much, I write for a living as a digital marketer who specialises in content.

And in my spare time, I write postcards, letters and blogs…

But let’s rewind to 2014 when it all started…

I was living in South Korea and it was the first time I had ever been away from home for an extended period of time…

And so began my hoarder tendencies (I swear it runs in the family)…

I started hoarding stacks upon stacks of postcards. Some I kept for sentimental value and some I sent back home to family and friends in exchange for jars of Vegemite.

That was when Postcards from Silvia was born and the desire to keep exploring the world hasn’t stopped since.

P.S. As a full time employee and “serious adult”, travelling for long periods of time has become a bit of a challenge. Luckily, I’m entitled to four weeks of annual leave each year which I usually take for my international travels. In addition to that, I try to embark on one or two microadventures every month to keep the spirit of adventure alive!

P.P.S. You can keep up with my misadventures on Instagram and Facebook too! *big dorsal fin hug*

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