A year or two ago, I started this blog as 1) a creative outlet, 2) a means for me to document my travels, 3) a way for me to write about the things that I’m interested in (if you haven’t noticed already, I have way too much enthusiasm for a million different things) and 4) to monetise my writing.

While Postcards From Silvia has helped me open some doors, I’ve found that the more I focused on 4), the more I began to lose sight of the other three purposes. Last year, my mind was a labyrinth of thoughts about SEO, increasing my website traffic, growing my email list and how I could write articles that brands would find valuable. And mind you, I love all of that and it’s what I do in my 9 to 5 job. But it’s not why I created Postcards From Silvia. All in all, this website became more of a content marketing exercise than my own space and ultimately, I stopped writing for the sake of writing.

That’s why, as of late, I’ve been focusing my energies on other things such as work, freelance projects and relationships. But rest assured, I’ve still been travelling a lot. I’ve visited Peru, Ecuador, USA (twice), gone on multiple road trips up and down the coast of New South Wales and Queensland¬†and sent over 40 postcards.

New Beginnings Peru
Peru (September 2017)

And I’ve also been creating, but for private eyes only. Scrapbooks filled with photos and memories, little passport-sized booklets filled with doodles, postcards, watercolour paintings and personal cards. I realise that as long as I’m creating, my soul is fulfilled. I feel full when I share my emotions, gratitude and happiness with others in a way that’s memorable and meaningful. Isn’t that what truly matters?

This year, I plan to create more and worry less about whether my creations will be well-received. There are just too many things that I’m curious about in life that I want to write about, too many beautiful things that I want to photograph, paint and film, and there’s simply too much happiness and sadness and everything in between that I want to document.

Thank you for spending some time here today. I’m excited for what’s to come this year. If you’d like to join me on this journey, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook.

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