Avocado toast, I feel for you. What have you done to incur the wrath of “middle-age moraliser” (whatever that means) Bernard Salt (#saltnotbae) and property mogul “some rich dude” Tim Gurner? Apparently you’re responsible for us millennials not being able to afford property and other adult things.

But it’s okay that we can’t afford these adult things. When life gives you lemons, you make avocado toast with feta and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Why I choose Avocado Toast
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Just kidding, we’re not really here to talk about avocado toast. We’re here to talk about our choices as millennials and the fact that many of us choose experiences such as brunch over material things like property.

In my case, I’ve chosen a lot of things over property (like travel) and I regret none of them. Is that going to stop me from complaining about the affordability of housing in Australia? No. In fact, I’ll complain about it to you over brunch.

You might ask me, “why the hell are you complaining then?”

And I’ll ask you, “what do we have in common?” to which you’ll tilt your head in confusion.

“We all need somewhere to live. That’s the issue; shelter is a necessity and renting is very expensive in Australia. In fact tenants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are spending a third of their income on rent. Marry that with the ridiculously high cost of living in Australia and bam, you have a depressingly empty property piggy bank. If the future looks bleak, do you want the present to be glum too? It’s a matter of avocado toast vs property and most of the time it’s easier to choose the former. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle but I believe us millennials will eventually get there (when we hit the jackpot or have a partner to share the burden).”

“That is if you millennials choose property over avocado toast.”

“Yeah, maybe. Ask me again in five years. After all, I might be busy travelling the world and becoming an avocado toast connoisseur.”

Thanks for coming to brunch with me, even if it was forced upon you. Occasionally I’ll write about things other than travel (e.g. Avocado Toast vs Property) in an attempt to defend what I really care about. In this case, it was my brunch choices.

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